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Bariatric Surgery Long Beach, Los Angeles

Bariatric Surgery and Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Joseph Naim, M.D. Jul 05, 2014

Flex spending accounts (FSAs) are great options to consider to pay for bariatric surgery in certain circumstances. Read on to learn more about this particular…

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Financing Your Bariatric Surgery

Joseph Naim, M.D. Jun 05, 2014

Part of planning for your bariatric surgery is understanding your payment options. Learn how you can finance your weight loss treatment at our office.

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Patient Success Story

Joseph Naim, M.D. Jun 04, 2014

 ReadimngRrerel;ikholhlweddwcdwcReading and learning about how others struggle with their weight and how bariatric surgery helped them to reach their goal can be inspiring and helpful…

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Eating Healthy in the Summer to lose weight

Joseph Naim, M.D. Jun 04, 2014

  Summer Nutrition is important to stay fit and healthy. Follow these simple steps to reach your goal, to lose it or to maintain your weight.  

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Tips for Exercising in the Summer Heat

Joseph Naim, M.D. Jun 04, 2014

 Here are 5 tips on loosing weighAAvoid HeAakjuhouhuoAaAAvoid heat related injury by following these simple tips:

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The Benefits of a Support Group after Bariatric Surgery

Joseph Naim, M.D. May 05, 2014

Bariatric surgery can have a major impact on not just your body, but also your life in general. Consider the benefits of a support group.

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What Patients Should Know About Insurance Coverage and Bariatric Surgery

Joseph Naim, M.D. Apr 05, 2014

Bariatric surgery is often covered by medical insurance in a number of instances. Let's take a moment right now to consider when this is the…

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The Health Problems That Are Associated with Obesity and Morbid Obesity

Joseph Naim, M.D. Mar 10, 2014

There are many different health problems associated with obesity and morbid obesity. Let's take a moment to consider these right now.

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What to Expect As You Recover from Gastric Bypass Surgery

Joseph Naim, M.D. Feb 07, 2014

The recovery process following bariatric surgery is very important to consider. Let's take a moment to look at this in basic terms.

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Advanced Bariatric Center Launches New Lucid Website

Joseph Naim, M.D. Jan 27, 2014

Dr. Joseph Naim, a Long Beach-based bariatric surgeon, has launched a new website for Advanced Bariatric Center using the Lucid Content Management System.

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