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Financing Your Bariatric Surgery

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When pursuing bariatric surgery, there are numerous questions and concerns that patients should consider. The health and satisfaction of our patients are our foremost concerns, and we therefore strive to address these issues first. However, at one point or another, patients will have to confront a simple yet potentially troublesome issue: how the treatment will be covered financially.

At our Orange County clinic, we want our patients to feel secure knowing that their weight loss surgery will be financially manageable. Whether through insurance or a payment plan, multiple financing options are available so that you can focus on the things that really matter.  

Is Bariatric Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Unlike many other elective surgeries, bariatric surgery is often covered at least partially by an insurance plan. The degree to which patients are covered by insurance depends on the company, a patient’s individual plan, and the surgery to be performed. Once you know which treatment you would like to undergo and have spoken initially with your doctor, it is a good idea to call your insurance company to learn what you should expect from coverage. In many cases, most of a procedure’s expenses will be covered by insurance due to the health benefits of weight loss surgery.

A few of the more common insurance companies we work with include:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Medicare
  • Tricare
  • United HealthCare

Even if your insurance will only cover a portion of the cost, it is well worth investigating.

What If You’re Not Insured?

If you will be paying for treatment yourself, have no fear; you need not pay the total cost of your procedure all at once. Our team is happy to work with you to arrive at a financing solution that fits your budget and your timeline. Patients who require assistance covering the initial cost of treatment may also benefit from a loan, whether through a credit card or a third-party lender. No matter your financial needs or restrictions, we will help you settle on a payment plan that is within reason.

We believe that all patients should have access to the surgery they need and/or desire. When it comes to procedures such as gastric bypass surgeryor LAP-BAND® surgery, the results aren’t just cosmetically beneficial - they help patients pave the way for a new lifestyle altogether. We therefore urge patients to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Naim before deciding whether the expenses are worth it. As long as you are devoted to a healthier, more satisfying body, there are feasible ways to cover the cost of treatment.   

Financing Tips

Before deciding on treatment and how you will pay, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Let us advocate for you: Patients may get discouraged from an initial response or estimate from their insurance company. Let us speak with your company on your behalf, and there may be something we can do to help cover your expenses.
  • Keep records: Record any steps you’ve taken in regard to weight loss, including diets, exercise programs, classes, and gym memberships. These records may help your case when arguing for the medical necessity of your treatment.
  • See what else your insurance offers: Many insurance companies offer discounts or coverage for other activities that improve your health, such as gym membership costs. While you’re looking at your plan, investigate any offers that you may be missing out on.
  • Appeal a denial of coverage: If your insurance company denies you coverage, consider an appeal. This is a viable option that many people do not realize even exists.
  • Consider a tax deduction: Bariatric surgery may be partially tax deductible. If you are paying for your treatment, consider claiming it on your taxes to get a refund.     

Visit Our Office

We welcome your individual questions regarding our treatment options and their costs. Contact us to schedule a visit and speak with Dr. Naim personally.    

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