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If you have failed to lose weight or are experiencing complications following a LAP-BAND® procedure, you may be a good candidate for LAP-BAND to sleeve conversion. Dr. Joseph Naim in Los Angeles, CA, Long Beach, and Orange County has helped many patients to achieve their weight loss goals through modern, sophisticated bariatric care. 

When to Seek a Gastric Sleeve Conversion

LAP-BAND to gastric sleeve conversion may be recommended if you:

  • Have failed to lose weight following a LAP-BAND procedure
  • Experience chronic pain in the area where the port was placed
  • Need multiple fills and un-fills with no weight loss progress
  • Experience chronic nausea or vomiting
  • Notice anxiety or heart palpitations
  • Experience band slippage or erosion
  • Have experienced post-operative infection or rejection

Gastric Sleeve versus LAP-BAND

Both procedures are used to decrease the capacity of the stomach. They are intended to limit food intake and result in weight loss. Unlike LAP-BAND surgery, gastric sleeve surgery involves making permanent alterations to the stomach

During a gastric sleeve procedure, a section of the stomach is transformed into a vertical sleeve. A large portion of the stomach is removed, leaving the remaining section, which is approximately the size of a banana. During the LAP-BAND procedure, an inflatable silicone device is placed on the upper portion of the stomach to decrease stomach capacity and reduce hunger. If the band erodes or slips, additional procedures will be necessary to address the situation.

bariatric revision surgery

Conversion surgery can permanently alter the capacity of the stomach.

The Conversion Process

To perform a LAP-BAND to gastric sleeve conversion, the LAP-BAND will be carefully removed first. If there are serious concerns present, such as infections, these issues must be resolved before moving forward with gastric sleeve surgery. If it is determined to be safe, the gastric sleeve will be performed during the same procedure. Typically, the entire process takes approximately two to three hours. 

If you have undergone LAP-BAND surgery that has failed to help you achieve your weight loss goals, gastric sleeve conversion may be an appropriate way to help you begin a new chapter of health in your life.

Expectations Regarding Treatment

Following your gastric sleeve conversion, you must commit to a liquid diet for a period. Dietary requirements can vary for each patient; it is important to follow the specific guidelines Dr. Naim provides. The day after surgery, you will undergo a swallow test, in which the doctor will check to make sure everything is functioning normally. Additionally, your discomfort level will be closely monitored and addressed. Patients are typically be discharged from the hospital on the second or third day following your surgery.

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If you have undergone LAP-BAND surgery that has failed to help you achieve your weight loss goals, gastric sleeve conversion may be an appropriate way to help you begin a new chapter of health in your life. To learn more about this procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Naim. You can call our office at (310) 684-4070 or contact us online anytime.


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