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I'm thrilled to death with my results. I feel 20 years younger, so much more energy, so much healthier. I feel I have a new lease on life. I really feel I have improved my health and thus my life. Thank you Dr. Naim

- Deborah E. S.

It has been a pleasure to know you and I appreciate very much how you put me at ease with our first appointment. You are an extremely gifted surgeon who has studied an area of medicine which has given the hopeless hope. For me, it has meant tremendous progress back to a sensible weight - a dream which I thought I could never attain.

Since your wonderful and careful operation on me in late June, I have lost about 60 pounds! Further, I never even had an upset stomach. The hospital care I received was also exceptional.

What I have happily observed too, is my new found energy and the endless compliments of how attractive I look to others! I realize I still have about 80 pounds to lose, but I am optimistic about overcoming any obstacles to my goal. Further, this weight loss means I will be able to lower the number of prescriptions I am taking and the added blessing of victory over my Type II Diabetes continuing to damage my body!

Finally, I have recommended you to everyone who has asked about my success! May the Lord bless you!

- Priscilla A.


- Marlene C.
Date of Surgery 07/12/07
Surgery: Gastric Bypass

Having Surgery has been the best thing I could have ever done in my life. I had seen three surgeons before Dr. Naim. He made me feel overjoyed. He is unbelievable. Since surgery I do not need C-Pap machine for my sleep apnea. No more blood pressure medications. No more stomach pills, and no more oxygen.

Judith H.
Date of Surgery: 09/13/07
Lost 27 lbs in one month
Surgery: Gastric Bypass

I have lost 34 pounds in 2 months and it has changed my life completely. I no longer have shortness of breath, or hunger pains. My eating habits have changed drastically. Sweets and fattening foods are no longer appetizing. I am more confident. I am happier with myself. I’m a new person.

G. M.
Date of Surgery 08/27/07
Lost 34 lbs in two months
Surgery: LAP-BAND

I spent many years being overweight. At my heaviest I was 316. On November 26,2007, the day of surgery, I weighed 306 pounds. Dr. Naim put all my fears to rest and was attentive and caring from the first appointment right through the morning of surgery. You couldn't ask for a better surgeon. I was prepared for a lot of pain, discomfort, and long recovery. However, because of Dr. Naim's skill and the care I received from him and the hospital staff, I was back in my regular routine within a week. It has been a little over 4 months and I have lost 100 pounds and counting. It was simple. I followed the manual Dr. Naim provided for me, exercised regularly and changed my eating habits. I have tons of energy. I am happier. I am healthier, and this is only the beginning. I hope to lose another 45 pounds or so. Dr. Naim is wonderful. My incisions are barely noticeable, he made sure I was taken care of at the hospital by coming by every day to see me and check on my progress. His office manager, Lailla, is also terrific. She made sure that all my questions were answered regarding procedures, appointments, and information regarding insurance coverage. You couldn't ask for better. I can honestly say that Dr. Naim and Lailla definitely changed my life for the better. If you have to have gastric bypass done, then you should definitely, without a doubt, want Dr. Naim as a surgeon. It will change your life, and it's easy. You just have to follow his advice, his instructions, and remember that the surgery is just a tool. You need to make the change. I did and I look great. You can too. Thank you Dr. Naim. You're the best.

Date of Surgery: 11/26/07
Lost 100 lbs in just over four months
Surgery: Gastric Bypass


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"Dr. Naim and his entire staff are nothing short of amazing. So caring and attentive in every way, they truly made my experience effortless and positive in more ways than one."


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