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Typical gastric bypass surgeries aim to help obese patients lose weight by limiting calories absorbed by the body. This is achieved by stapling the stomach into two sections: a smaller upper pouch and a lower pouch. Unfortunately, staples sometimes give way, causing the pouches to stretch and leading to weight regain.

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The fobi pouch procedure can successfully reduce more than 90 percent of excess weight, and maintain this reduced rate even five years after surgery.

This is why renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. H Joseph Naim provides fobi pouch surgery, a Gastric Stapling with Ring alternative to traditional gastric bypass that minimizes the risk of regaining weight by physically separating the pouch from the lower stomach. Fobi pouch surgery at Advance Bariatric Center in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County, offers maximum potential post-operative and long-term weight loss. 

Benefits of the Fobi Pouch

The fobi pouch, or limiting proximal gastric pouch, was pioneered by LA-based bariatric surgeon Dr. Mathias Fobi to treat severe obesity. It works by restricting the amount of food consumed to greatly reduce calorie intake, as well as causing food to bypass the intestinal areas where it is normally absorbed. As a result, patients achieve significant weight loss over time. 

Although the fobi pouch treatment is more complex than other gastric bypass surgeries, the health benefits of significantly improved weight offset the risk of complications. The fobi pouch has a higher success rate of weight loss compared to regular gastric bypass. It helps reduce more than 90 percent of excess weight, and maintains reduced weight even five years after the operation, as compared to the 75 percent success rate of traditional surgeries.

The Procedure 

Dr. Naim offers a complimentary initial consultation in which he can review your case and determine if the fobi pouch procedure is right for you. You will then undergo psychological and dietary evaluation, under the care of the the competent and compassionate staff at Advance Bariatric Center

The fobi pouch procedure gives patients a second chance to live an active and healthy life. Additionally, insurance companies often cover the surgery, as it could be life-saving.

To perform the procedure, Dr. Naim separates the stomach in two and creates a small pouch that holds 30cc to 50cc of food. He then places a silastic ring or band around the pouch to simulate the pyloric valve and prevent the opening from stretching. Next, Dr. Naim surgically connects the new pouch to the jejunum, the middle segment of the small intestine, where most of the nutrients in food are absorbed.

At least one to two nights of hospitalization are required after surgery. The first follow-up will be scheduled for between seven and 10 days after the operation, followed by regular checkups every three months.

Recovery and Risks

After fobi pouch surgery, there will be a period of adaptation during which bowel movements will be irregular, although this will diminish with time. Patients will also need to take doctor-prescribed nutritional supplements, which will require yearly monitoring.

Immediately following the operation, patients will be put on a liquid diet to allow the new connection between the pouch and the small intestine to heal. Patients can then progress to a semi-solid diet for four weeks.

The new, smaller stomach cannot hold food and drinks at the same time, so it is important to drink water between meals to avoid dehydration. Solid food will be introduced when Dr. Naim is satisfied with your progress. It is important to chew food thoroughly before swallowing, to prevent indigestion.

Get Back on Track with a Healthy Lifestyle

The fobi pouch procedure gives patients a second chance to live an active and healthy life. Additionally, insurance companies often cover the surgery, as it could be life-saving. If you do not have coverage, we offer special cash packages to help finance your treatment.

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