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Medical insurance often covers all or part of the cost of LAP-BAND® surgery, and several convenient financing options can break any remaining costs into affordable monthly payments. Your LAP-BAND® cost may vary according to your surgeon's expertise, their surgical facility, and other factors. To learn more about LAP-BAND® cost, contact Advance Bariatric Center in Long Beach, or one of our other Southern California locations. Our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Joseph Naim, can help you place the cost of this beneficial procedure within your budget.

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Our team is here to help you budget for LAP-BAND surgery.

Factors that Affect LAP-BAND® Cost

The basic LAP-BAND® procedure, in which a gastric band is placed around the stomach to limit caloric intake, is performed in essentially the same way among qualified surgeons. Your surgeon's expertise in the field of bariatric surgery can affect the overall cost. In general, a surgeon who has performed thousands of LAP-BAND® surgery with great success will usually charge a higher price than a less experienced surgeon.

Another factor that affects LAP-BAND® cost is the type of facility in which you receive surgery. Undergoing surgery in a hospital setting, for example, will almost always be more costly than a private surgical center or ambulatory surgical center. Dr. Naim has five locations available for his patients' convenience, each equipped with the latest surgical technology. Our locations allow Dr. Naim and our team to give our patients private, personalized attention at cost that is considerably lower than that of treatment administered in a hospital.

Other costs associated with LAP-BAND® surgery include:

  • The cost of pre- and post-operative appointments- These include surgical appointments, as well as banding adjustments after surgery, weight loss counseling, and more. 
  • The cost of anesthesia - Anesthesia and sedation costs vary depending on the type of anesthesia you receive, and whether a nurse or anesthesiologist administers it.
  • Travel expenses - If you elect to have your surgery performed far away from your home, you will need to consider the cost of travel and board. It is important that you stay near your surgeon's practice for a few days following surgery to ensure that you are healing and adjusting to your band properly.

When you undergo LAP-BAND® surgery with Dr. Naim, you can expect that we will help you understand and prepare for your costs.

Affording LAP-BAND® Surgery

The majority of LAP-BAND® candidates with medical insurance enjoy partial or complete coverage for surgery. Our team can help you apply for coverage and provide any materials your insurance company requires in order to consider you for coverage, such as body mass index (BMI) testing. At Advance Bariatric Center, we accept all major insurance providers.

If you do not have medical insurance, or will not receive full insurance coverage, we provide in-house financing options to help you afford surgery. We believe that every patient who is a good candidate for LAP-BAND® should be able to afford it. You can also apply for loans from third-party lenders.

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LAP-BAND® surgery can be an important investment in your quality of life. To learn more about Advance Bariatric Center and the cost of LAP-BAND® surgery, contact us today.


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