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Woman holding hand to naked thigh and covering herself with a green towelFollowing massive weight loss after bariatric surgery with Dr. H. Joseph Naim, many of our patients also undergo a thigh lift to address excess skin and any remaining unwanted fat. The thigh lift is often included in a combined lower body lift, which can also address the lower abdomen, hips, and buttocks. Dr. Naim can perform all these procedures from one of his fully equipped clinics in the Los Angeles, Orange County, or Long Beach, CA, area and include them as part of your comprehensive weight loss and body contouring treatment plan.

Compliment your significant weight loss achievement with cosmetic surgery to tone and sculpt your restored figure. The surgery is very common, very safe, and has helped many men and women feel confident in their own skin.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Before and after massive weight loss, Dr. Naim sits down with his patients to identify areas where cosmetic surgery could make the greatest improvements. Thighs are often included in this assessment, as they tend to retain droopy, excess skin. Dr. Naim will indicate where incisions will be made, and can provide realistic expectations of the results of your treatment with pictures of thigh lift patients he has helped in the past.

Thigh lift surgery can achieve dramatic results and target an area of the body very frequently left with excess, sagging skin following massive weight loss.

Rest assured that we can also provide thigh lifts for patients not pursuing bariatric surgery and weight loss treatment. In these cases, liposuction is used to remove excess fat, and skin is trimmed to the new contour of the thighs. It is important that patients undergoing this surgery can maintain their new figure with a healthy lifestyle, as failure to do so can compromise the results of their thigh lift.

Important Procedure Details

As with many other types of surgeries, thigh lifts begin with the administration of anesthesia. Incisions are typically made where the thigh meets the groin or along the bikini line, although specifics will depend on what you and Dr. Naim decide upon. Using careful tactics and advanced techniques, fat is removed and skin and other tissue is trimmed to achieve your desired results. The whole surgery can take just a couple of hours, unless you have opted to undergo multiple surgeries simultaneously.

Even after a short surgery, you will need to remain with our medical staff for some time while your anesthesia wears off and before Dr. Naim approves you for release. You will need someone to drive you home, and you will need to carefully follow safety instructions to prevent bleeding and infection. All these instructions, and those you will need for the days following your surgery, will be thoroughly discussed ahead of time so you can prepare for your recovery.

Schedule a Thigh Lift Consultation

Thigh lift surgery can produce dramatic results and target an area of the body very frequently left with excess, sagging skin following massive weight loss. Contact our practice online or call (310) 684-4070 to speak with Dr. Naim today about what you could achieve with this advanced treatment option.


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